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Drymax products utilize two opposite type fiber technologies interwoven to form inner and outer layers. Drymax fibers do not wick because they are Super Hydrophobic (moisture repelling). At the molecular level, moisture doesn’t adhere to the inner layer of drymax terry loops, they are able to mechanically lift sweat off the skin like a squeegee and instantly transfer it into the moisture attracting outer layer without retaining moisture on the inside.


Most drymax Running socks are designed using different levels of protective padding: Low-, Low, Medium, Medium+ and High. We use dense padding as opposed to thick padding, because dense padding protects the feet without adversely affecting the fit of the shoes.




Foot blisters are most common on the toes, heel, and ball of the foot. Blisters caused by socks usually occur when socks do not fit, their seams irritate the skin, and/or the socks become wet. Wet socks soften and weaken the skin, making feet vulnerable to blisters.Moisture significantly increases friction between socks and skin. Higher friction limits skin surface movement, but still allows inner tissue movement. This shearing effect physically separates the two layers, creating a void. This void fills with fluid forming a blister.


Running Lite-Mesh


The Drymax Running Lite-Mesh sock is our most popular running sock because for most people it seems to be the right balance between a thin and a thick running sock.

Running Lite Mesh | Black

Running Lite Mesh | October Pink

Running Lite Mesh | Navy

Running Lite Mesh | Anthracite

Running Lite Mesh | Royal


Hyper Thin Running


The Hyper Thin™ Running socks are able to protect feet much better than other thin running socks because they have our race proven Dual Layer Sweat Removal System.

Hyper Thin Running | Black

Hyper Thin Running | Gray

Hyper Thin Running | Periwinkle

Hyper Thin Running | Torrid Red


Lite Trail Running


Lite Trail Running | Speed Goat

Lite Trail Running | Gray

Lite Trail Running | October Pink


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